David Sheppard Dental Ceramics

David Sheppard Dental Ceramics was set up in 1991 under the careful direction of David Sheppard, a registered and qualified dental technician and chairman of Terec. His laboratory is located in Shrewsbury, serving NHS and private dentists around the UK although most are located in Shropshire, Cheshire, the Wirral, Liverpool and Wales.

David started his career in the 1970s, with a five year apprenticeship in a large, private dental practice in Chester while attending and qualifying at Liverpool College. The practice laboratory provided its dental surgeons with a seamless and supportive service that embraced leading edge technology and innovation. This positive experience helped form David’s approach to the business of serving dentists in both the private and public sectors.

Intrigued by the technological advances taking place in prosthetic device development, David joined a dental laboratory in Shrewsbury and was swiftly promoted to head of the crown and bridge department. As a result, the company expanded rapidly and David spent much of his time delivering seminars and lectures about new materials, equipment, processes and most importantly, improved results for patients. David soon became a partner in the business and, together with other leading UK laboratories, set up Terec in 1985. Terec’s prime objective was to source and research new techniques and materials, and to introduce them to the UK dental market.

Six years later, David left the partnership, and Terec, to set up David Sheppard Dental Ceramics. His ambition was to lead a small, well-managed laboratory offering a blend of quality craftsmanship, superior solutions and personalised services to dental surgeons. Twenty-two years later, this remains the purpose of the business.

David rejoined Terec in 2000. Terec membership has enabled David Sheppard Dental Ceramics to offer the complete range of Chameleon® restorations, which have become the benchmark for cosmetic dentistry. David also enjoys the fellowship of like-minded members, the exchange of information and knowledge that occurs at Terec meetings and training seminars, and the marketing support that Terec offers his customers. He became Chairman of Terec in 2006.

Today, David Sheppard Dental Ceramics is located in a pleasant and easily accessible Enterprise Park, where local dentists often send patients for accurate shade-taking. The building includes two training rooms, a model room and a laboratory furnished with modern workstations and equipped with a Renishaw milling machine, a 3Shape scanner and porcelain furnaces. David Sheppard’s technical team includes two registered and fully qualified technicians with over 60 years experience between them, a registered and highly experienced technician who specialises in digital technology and a very capable model maker.

David believes that his laboratory’s reliability and experience keep customers loyal – around 75% of customers have remained with David Sheppard Dental Ceramics for over 10 years. “To keep dentists happy, consistent quality is crucial and pricing must be competitive. We want our customers to consider us as an extension of their own practices and we take pride in helping them delight their patients and attract new ones.”